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Skin Care

Dr Manoj Agarwala discovered that a major percentage of patients who come to consult are looking for skin care regimen as they do not know what their skin needs. In the confusion they end up buying products advertised on the TV or social media or the one that somebody they know is using.
Quoting Dr Agarwala, Skin care has to be customized for each person considering their lifestyle, diet preferences, where they live, climate and how good they want to look.
DIYs are must but a couple of in clinic treatments can make you a finer and more confident version of in relatively reasonable time fame.

So to begin with-

A good balanced diet – Yes, your skin is what you eat and is said to be a mirror of internal health.

Include a plenty of vegetables and fruits and make sure to include all possible colors so that you get the maximum benefit out of it as each color represents a nutrient which is peculiar, have water adequately to flush out the toxins that your body produces, an exercise or sport should be a daily ritual, may be even for 20 minutes.

Skin care can be planned with knowing the skin type – Dry, oily or mixed and also if your skin is sensitive or the one that can tolerate harsh products, so accordingly Dr Manoj Agarwala can choose prescription products for your skin.
The age-old regime CTM still works:

  • Cleansing with an appropriate face wash at least twice a day or may be thrice is must.
  • Toner helps especially if you have an oily skin, now a days a lot of them have vitamin C and thankfully it is one of the finest things for your skin, the problem is Vitamin C is highly unstable and many marketed products do not have them in adequate percentage or in stable forms, so be wise accordingly.
  • The third part is usage of moisturizer and most of them come with a property of SPF.

Sunscreens are must for every Indian and more so is in Raipur as the last layer of the morning skin care regimen and to be reapplied if there is an outdoor activity in the afternoon. Sunscreen are proven to delay the process of ageing.

The beauty secret lies in the night cream which has ingredients (like retinols or vitamin C or alpha and beta hydroxy acids) to exfoliate the skin serially and cumulatively over a period of time so that new baby skin is achieved after a couple of weeks.

Some In-clinic regular treatment like laser toning or chemical peels every other month can delay the lines of ageing and make you look less tired and more attractive. This can be discussed in greater detail during your consultation with Dr Agarwala.

If you follow these simple rules, people will notice but no one will know the inner secrets of your glass skin.