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Melasma is a very common skin problem and is very difficult to treat as most patients have used potent steroids on their face in a hope to cure it early. Systematic approach to repair the skin and then removing the pigmentation is possible with sustained efforts.

There are many different causes of Melasma but most common include hormones, UV exposure, and genetic. Melasma occurs mostly in woman, but it can affect a small percentage of men as well.

Uncontrolled sunlight exposure is considered the leading triggerfor melasma. It is sensitive to heat, so avoiding the following:

  • Sun exposure on your face.
  • Saunas / steam rooms.
  • IPL treatment (due to the heat generated).
  • Any other heat generating treatment.

Melasma during pregnancy is quite common when we call it as Chloasma. For many, pigmentation levels increase as their hormones change during pregnancy. Some react negatively to the hormone fluctuation, just as some get morning sickness while others do not.

Some evidence suggest that Melasma is often the body’s response to protect the individual from harmful rays of the sun and vitamin D deficiency. The right melanin balance is vital to our health.

Melasma even with treatment takes times to disappear. It might take the right treatment combination and sun protection efforts to speed up the clearance process. As with all things, prevention is the best treatment.

single treatment is not helpful. It has to be customized and holistic covering all trigger points of Melasma and focusing on avoiding relapses also. Without maintenance treatment, it typically returns.Two popular and successful treatment among Melasma patients are the Melapeel and Laser Toning treatments. Both options are available at the M A Skin & Hair Superspeciality Clinic. The treatments break up the dense pigmentation that the skin disorder causes and provide deep, long-lasting results as the body naturally eliminates the excess melanin. There is no downtime for these treatments, and they are fairly comfortable to undergo.

Melasma can be permanently removed as long as there are no hormonal imbalances that will trigger a Melasma reoccurrence. Combined with adequate sun protection, such as protective clothing, sun screen with a high SPF, and limiting the time spent in direct sunlight, you can prevent the return or persistence of Melasma.